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Worldwide terrorist threats have increased over the years and IEDs and explosives are a severe problem in many countries, all over the world. Also narcotics trafficking is a major issue which causes severe problems. 

It is a proven concept that the use of EDD and NDD working dogs brings the security to a higher standard. Until now, no other animal species or any machine has proven to be able to detect a certain scent, better than a dog. 

Besides K9 Detection dogs used by government agencies, we see a significant rise of K9 teams working for the Oil & Gas industry, Multinational Corporations and Hotels and Resorts. 

Four Winds K9 Security offers:

- Certified Explosive Detection Dog Teams (Local/ Regional or Expatriate handlers)

- Certified Narcotic Detection Dog Teams (Local/ Regional or Expatriate handlers) 

"All inclusive formula"

Four Winds K9 will provide:

- 24/7 - K9 Security with qualified, experienced and certified K9 handlers

- Quality control and management by experienced pre-military or police K9 Managers

- Yearly Certification

- Kennel accommodation, veterinary services, dog food, equipment and further needs

- Guarantee policy

Because of our wide network we are also able to provide complete Security Solutions in cooperation with International Risk Assesment companies. 

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