K9 Courses & Education

Four Winds K9 has through it's years of worldwide experience a tremendous know-how in K9 training and all facets that belong to K9. 

Within our K9 project organization, we provide different types of handler and instructor courses.

Recently we developed a brand new K9 EDUCATION PROGRAMME for government agencies and private security firms. 

Workshop "Basic Detection Dog Handler EDD / NDD"

In this 3-day workshop we will cover the general principles of K9 Detection dogs and their training. 

The workshop can be followed on set dates in the Netherlands, but it is also possible to organize the workshop on any location worldwide. 

For more information contact us directly at info@fourwindsk9.com 

Education Program Detection Dog Handler I - EDD or NDD

Four Winds K9 offers complete education program's for Government K9 handlers and Security officers K9 Handlers.

Education possibilities; Start the course with:

- a full-trained EDD or NDD dog from Four Winds (min. three- week course)

- an untrained detection dog from Four Winds (min. twelve weeks)

- your personal untrained dog (evaluation of the dog prior to the course) (min. twelve weeks)

- your personal trained dog (evaluation of the dog prior to the course - custom made programme)

* additional advanced modules can be followed, more information on application 

The education program includes certification and exists of:

- ONLINE learning environment with assignments and tests

- Practical course at Four Winds K9 Training facility or any location abroad 

- Full training equipment kit

- Includes Certification

Learning objectives

General Knowledge- Phase 1:

K9 detection dog selection / Daily care / Basic K9 First Aid / K9 psychology / Your dog's nose / Safety procedures & control of your dog /  Working environments / Use of the clicker / Obedience

Detection work Phase 2:

Scent imprinting & use of the clicker / positive reinforcement/  scent recognition and indication / Search patterns buildings, vehicles, mass transit, luggage, area's, boxes and the search wall / Body language of your dog / Air currents / contamination / control of your dog / Basic awareness explosives or narcotics

Advanced Detection work Phase 3: 

Search patterns on distance searches including "off leash" work /  high risk searches / operational procedures / Laws and regulations / Certification preparation / Safety procedures

Additional modules:  body-worn detection - Roadside IED detection 

Four Winds offers also offers custom-made modules and evaluation of existing K9 Units. 

Interested? Don't hesitate to contact us at info@fourwindsk9.com 

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